I've added all of the breeds, but they are hidden from the public. Originally, they were categorized by country, but I decided to clump them together and alphabetize them.

So far, the following profiles are complete (excluding a picture):
American Shetland Pony
Bashkir Curly

The profiles contain the breed name, pronunciation (if needed), features that include the height, name, and unique breed characteristics, conformation, uses, ancestry and history, and links to other websites for more information (usually breed associations).

There will be plenty of more horses to come! Check back soon!

Also, I've finished the pages for the rare markings, but they are also hidden from the public. I won't be publishing these pages until I've completed the pictures (I'm 90% certain I have all of them complete). Check back for them!

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    My interest in color genetics started last year. I only had a basic knowledge of genetics, but I spent a lot of time researching all that I could about genetics.


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