I have a new scanner that is SO much better than the old one! I re-scanned my pictures of the horses and edited them with PicMonkey. I think that the quality of the horses is night and day. Although, a few seem to be a little off.

My Pearls, Champagnes, Duns, and Roans are a little washed out. I'm thinking that I might re-color them a little darker so that when (and if) they are washed out, they will look normal. 

Some actually look a little better than they do in person! Buckskin and Gold Champagne look really nice! In person, Buckskin is a little orange, but it much more muted now. Gold Champagne was a little yellow but it is also muted and very pretty! All in all, I'm pleased!

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    My interest in color genetics started last year. I only had a basic knowledge of genetics, but I spent a lot of time researching all that I could about genetics.


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