I've decided to add some rare markings to Behind the Color! I'll publish each page once it is finished, so check back for each marking! I'll let everyone know about my progress and when I'm finished adding the markings.

Also, I'll be adding Rabicano, a type of Roan, and adding more Tobianos, Toveros, Snowcaps, Blankets, and Frame Overos.

Because some of my horses were washed out when I re-scanned them, I'll be redoing Roan, Double dilutes, and Champagne (and possibly Dun). I'll be working on the new markings first so I'm not sure when they'll be done (I've got school work and riding!). Maybe a few weeks? I'll keep the blog updated!

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    I've been involved with horses for about 10 years. I'm a Hunt Seat/Equitation rider.

    My interest in color genetics started last year. I only had a basic knowledge of genetics, but I spent a lot of time researching all that I could about genetics.


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